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Photo: Yves CROCE

Born into a family of musicians, I started learning music in the late 80's when I was a child, thanks my father and grandfather, respectively playing trumpet, euphonium and flugelhorn.

Then as a teenager i grew-up with my brother in arms Jérôme PANIGONI. Together we started playing guitars, keyboards, drums and also enjoyed singing. When I finally picked-up a bass guitar I definitively felt in love with it. 

We also formed several bands and started regularly performing on stage and at the age of 12 we had chance to play in front of a 5000 people audience.

Then we started creating and producing our own Jazz-Fusion and Funk compositions with DES3 and later with the ROYAL AIR FUNK.  Seb CORDIER and Jeff BAUD also became our brothers and we jumped to the next musical level, playing in many famous festivals and winning the SACEM award in 2004.

In parallel I’ve been learning Jazz at the Chambery Jazz Conservatoire and spent several years practicing the double bass and Jazz with my Jazzmen friends Jeff BAUD, Jean-Baptiste ROVELLI and Denis CROISONNIER. Together with SWEET TOUCH we won the JAZZ HOT SAVOY CONTEST as well as BONNEVILLE JAZZ FESTIVAL CONTEST in 2005.


Now we're 10 years after... i didn't see time running.  Looking back I realize that I’ve been continuously playing, producing and enjoying music by:

- Collaborating and giving more than 1000 gigs with around 40 different bands: A Corps Croisés,  Agua Fresca, Al Preston, April Showers, Arcane, Assia, Back To Oakland, Big Band Thonon, Claude Nougaro tribute, DES3, Discover, DORA, EMA Band, FAB's Trio, FBI, FiuZzed, Fred Jaupart Quartet, G3 Experience, Golden Groove, Option, Jazz Tonic Big Band, Jemes, Jeremy Tordjman, Horn Academy, In the Cellar, Magnitude Funk, MaFaMily, Denis Croisonnier, Cocktail de Nuit, Les Pits Graviers, Royal Air Funk, Satin Doll Sisters, Shams, Solution, Spider4tet, SRV Trio, Sunevan, Sparkling Diamonds, Sweet Touch, Tout L'monde D'accords, TransFusion, Tribute Joe Satriani, and some others i may have forgotten.

- Performing in several international festivals (Montreux Jazz Festival, Guitare En Scène, Fête de l'Espoir, Tutti Notti Blues, Jazz Contreband, Festival International d’Annecy, Festival Jazz du Château de Clermont, Megève Jazz Festival, Monts Jura Jazz Festival, Blues en Bourgogne, Nuit du Jazz Aix, Plein Feux Festival, Montjoux Festival, Nuit de la Guitare Agde, Rock N' Poche, Festival les Indézikables, Apologee Festival Bienne, Funkytudes Festival...)

- Sharing the stage with incredible artists such as Yannick Robert, Christophe Godin, Chris Rime, Patrick Rondat, Jeremy Tordjman, Tanya Michelle, Geoffrey Secco, Yoan Schmidt, Yoann Julliard, Jeff Baud, Julien Lallier, Thomas Faure, Thomas Mayade, Guillame Poncelet, Guillaume Perret, Michael Cheret, Antoine Brouze, Olivier Truchot, Joran Cariou, Thibaud Pontet, Steve Walwyn (Dr Feelgood), Sam Davidson (Taste)…

My deepest wish is to keep on sharing such precious times with musicians, friends and close relatives. 
I also want to dedicate this site to my beloved and amazing wife, who’s daily supporting me through that musical journey !


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