A mix of melodic Bass, Grooves, Jazz & Fusion surrounded by a band of 4 musical brothers

"Very cool, Sounds fantastic ! You guys are all awesome players. Very cool bassplaying"
John Leven  /EUROPE

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"Great tune, congratulations. Loved the production as well"
Scott Devine / ScottsBassLessons.com 

"VERY Cool"

"Bien joué, il y a des réminiscences de UZEB là-dedans"
Yannick Robert / MAI - Ecoles Ibanez 

Patrice Vigier 
/VIGIER Guitars

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"Wow !
Très bon votre performance, toutes mes félicitations !"

Michel Cusson  /UZEB

"Great job! Killer groovy band you got there, all elements together"
Mika Tyyskka 

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